Purushottam month children’s challenge

Hare Krishna

Please see the link below for a fun 29 day challenge for your children to complete during the auspicious Purushottam adhika month.
I hope you will encourage them to take part and have Krishna conscious fun  as a family too.
Also, just a heartfelt thank you to all the parents and volunteers who have come in this week: Jai Radhika, Sudevi, Bhargavi, Michaela, Yoga Maya, Sita and Mo prabhu.
Thank you also to Nila Madhava for the wonderful donation of  sets of  japa mala and tulasi neck beads which were given as a gift  to those  children who were not wearing neck beads today and to Krupa for the generous donation of Bhagavad Gitas for the children to use in class.