School Day

As the Covid guidelines for schools have now changed, we will be using the following drop off and pick up times from September:

8.30 am - Year 1 to Year 6 devotional programme in hall - parents to wait with children at the gate and Mother Tulsi Seva or Gunacuda will let pupils in.
Reception children (Rama Class) only can be taken by parents to the classroom.

Lessons start at 8.50.

3.25pm Rama Class and Jagannatha Class (Reception, Year 1 and 2) - the class teacher will bring the children to the gate to be collected by their parents.
3.30pm Year 3-6.

If (due to unavoidable circumstances) you are going to be late collecting your child, please phone the Gurukula office on 01923 851005.

For the first week of the new term, Reception children should be collected by their parents at 12.30 to help them settle in.

We respectfully remind you to ensure that you collect your child on time as staff members have meetings/preparation etc after school.