Mission & Vision

The Mission

To provide an environment where every child can awaken their loving devotion to Krishna in a natural and spontaneous way thus connecting with the Supreme in a manner, which is neither forced or imposed, and allowing children to discover their true identity by being joyful and knowledgeable. In our small classes, children are challenged in their academics to attain exceptional progress so that they can fulfil their potential, and continue their journey as bright, confident, kind and caring individuals who are eager to serve and can integrate into modern Britain.

The vision

That Gurukula retains a personal and unique environment which should always be culturally rich, diverse and creative.  We strive to foster a spirit of devotion, expression and kindness to one and all, where a child creates bonds with both their teachers and fellow students that last a lifetime. Through the rigorous and broad education the Gurukula provides a student gains the ability to pursue their ambitions in all aspects of life.