The Gurukula is an independent school, which means we are entirely dependent on the payment of school fees by parents in order to run efficiently and smoothly.

For the forthcoming academic year (2024/25) the fees are £275 per month, per child, payable for 12 months per year. This includes tuition, school lunch (provided free of charge by Bhaktivedanta Manor), books and music lessons provided during school hours. The school will provide new parents with a breakdown of any additional costs.

Sports lessons are provided by an external organisation (Keenbean Sports) and are partly subsidised by the school, with the rest attracting a small additional yearly fee from parents.

School outings take place once or twice a term for each class, for which there is usually a cost involved, which we try to keep as minimal as possible. We ask for voluntary parental contributions towards these trips, but acknowledge that trips may have to be cancelled if there aren’t enough contributions to make the trip possible.

For more information please contact the school office, or see the Fee Policy in the Parent Handbook.