Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning is the first half of our school ethos statement because it encompasses the functional benefits that we can readily deliver to our students.

By the nature of the size of school we are, no more than 60 students across the whole school, we have small class sizes. Starting in Reception, each class has no more than 9 children. As we go up the year groups our classes are vertically integrated so that Year 1 and 2 are combined, as are Year 3 and 4, and Year 5 and 6. This benefits the children in that if they are progressing well they can access more advanced learning.

The small class sizes allow us to tailor our teaching and learning to meet the needs of the individuals in the class room. We can differentiate lessons according to the requirements of each child. The children get more attention and also build closer bonds with each other, so the whole learning experience feels connected and almost family like.

In this vein the teachers at the Gurukula are referred to as ‘Mother.’ The reason for this is not only a term of endearment for the relationship between the children and teachers but also in Vedic culture the mother is seen as the guru or first teacher. As the children spend most of their active day in school, our teachers are those gurus for these children, hence the term ‘mother.’

The outcomes we achieve with children who leave Gurukula are fantastic. Most children’s onward journeys are to Good or Outstanding schools. The SAT results they achieve historically are above National Average, with many children achieving Greater Depth in all subjects. This is due to the culture that is fostered through personalised learning at the Gurukula.