Spiritual Environment

The other focus of our school statement is concerned with Spiritual Environment. This is most evident when one visits the school or interacts with the students and teachers. The reason for our being as a school is the spiritual aspect, which is coming from the Vaisnava faith.

The Hare Krishna faith was brought to the West in the 1960’s by the founder of the movement Srila Prabhupada, one of the greatest saints of India, who translated and opened temples across the world, to spread the message of love of God through chanting. The Hare Krishna movement is a household name in the UK and this open and inclusive faith is the driving force of the spiritual aspect of the school.

The spiritual underpinning can be experienced by the morning gatherings where the children sing and chant together. Here they also hear stories of Vedic India. The first part of lessons every day is our faith and nurture curriculum, where children learn more about the philosophy and ethos of spirituality and how it can be part their lives.

We are broadly following the National Curriculum and interweave spiritual concepts and ideas throughout everything we do.

The lunch that is part of the fees is fully vegetarian and is referred to as prasadam, sanctified food, which is wholesome and nutritious and gives life and energy to the body and soul.

All the children also engage in kirtan, devotional singing. They learn to play instruments like the mrdangam (drum) and harmonium (small piano). The older children weekly go to the temple and sing in the temple room for the deities.

The whole spiritual aspect is done very naturally. A child is never forced into anything as that is against the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. This philosophy is non-violent, peaceful and centred around going within and discovering our true selves as spirit souls which have an eternal relationship with God, other living entities and nature.

Through this philosophy we see the equality of all things. We imbibe British Values and we want our children to go out and become valued members of society who are kind and gentle as well as being deep thinkers, and who have direction in life.