Faith & Nurture

The mechanism that we use to drive our values and our vision statement of ‘Personalised Learning in a Spiritual Atmosphere’ is Faith and Nurture.

When we talk about faith in this context, we are not talking about spirituality, but the faith we put into our children at the Gurukula. It is actually the culture that we look to create across our teaching and learning. We feel students grow and advance in their learning when teachers have faith and belief in them. This in turn means that our children can achieve, that they can be stretched or challenged. Faith is a powerful thing, when someone, especially a teacher, believes in you as a child, the ability to take on tasks, as well as the confidence it breeds within and the ability to express ones ideas and opinions manifests.

Through the faith we build high expectations of our children and we also want to see them express themselves so that they feel that they have faith in themselves. We try and do this through music, art and drama. There is a strong focus in our school where possible that lessons inject these elements within them.

Nurture is the other element of our culture. It is felt by the fact that children want to be at school; they feel safe and looked after and that they feel the Gurukula is a safe place to share and openly discuss ideas and where they are encouraged in their learning.

We see the specialness in all children and especially those who want to lead a spiritual path in life. At primary age, we want to build strong foundations and roots that establish a child’s own identity and confidence.

In summary, if you think of it that the faith part stretches and challenges the child and creates a can do attitude, the nurture ensures that even if they don’t succeed or they struggle they never feel unworthy or lose self belief.