School Site

The Gurukula is situated on the outskirts of Watford and bordering rural Aldenham.

The school itself is set on two acres of beautiful grounds featuring an abundance of varied trees and a small little pond.

There is the main building which houses all the administrative aspects of the school. Alongside our Year 3 & 4 classroom, as well as our Year 5 & 6 classroom. Our classes are vertically integrated, so two year groups are taught by the same teacher. This allows us to accommodate our small class sizes and also it enables us to deliver our objective of personalised learning.

On the other side of the grounds is the Reception and KS1 Block, where all our younger students study and play.

In between both buildings is our small and cosy hall. Here assemblies are held daily and it is also our temple room, where festivals and performances occur. It is also our dining hall where the students in key stage groups take their lunch.