Please contact the school office on 01923 851 005 if you are interested in admission for your child.

Admissions Policy

Parents who wish to send their children to the Gurukula are invited to make an appointment to visit the school where they will be given an application form. Alternatively they can download an application form from the website. All parents seeking a place for their child are requested to complete a school application form. On applying to the school parents should recognise and accept the school’s Vision, Mission and Values as highlighted on the website. An Open Day will be held at least once a year.

Admissions will normally take place in September of each academic year however we do make exceptions if we feel a child would benefit from an extra term in the preschool for a January intake. Mid-term applications for children already in school must be made in the usual manner.

The Headteacher will normally require parents applying for a place for their child to attend an interview at the school. This meeting is to clarify expectations and review the Home and School Agreement. Parents can also ask questions at this time. Children who are applying for entry to the school from another school situation will also be assessed on the basis of:
  1. An aptitude test
  2. Past reports and references
  3. The child showing an interest or eagerness to attend the school

Successful applicants will be invited to send their child one afternoon a week in the half term preceding admission. This is part of our excellent transition policy.

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing.

All decision regarding admissions to the school will be made by the Headteacher in conjunction with the Governing Body.

Admissions Criteria

The following criteria listed in order of priority will apply for selection purposes:
  1. Children of initiated members of ISKCON
  2. Children who have attended Manor Preschool
  3. Children whose families are members of the greater ISKCON community
  4. Children of Vaishnava families who are sympathetic to ISKCON
  5. Children of families who are vegetarian and sympathetic to the temple and the philosophy and ethos of the school