Newsletter Oct 2019





8th October 2019 Change of clothes for Lord Jagannathan, Baladev and Subadra.                                                                                                                  

BVMS would like to thank Mother Shoba for continually serving and changing Lord Jagannathan, Baladev and Subadra. Their Lordships look stunning in their new outfits.  

During September Jayadev Prabhu involved the year 5/6 and staff to be part of his song/film. The final copy has been sent to the school. We would like to thank him for involving the children.



Events and activities this month


Dussehra Celebrations

Weeks before the celebrations the classes were involved in designing a 6ft 3D model of Ravana with 10 heads. Classes were engaged in designing shields, swords and heads of Ravana.


Tuesday 8th October 2019:

Dussera Festival Celebration day at Bhaktivedanta Manor School.

Children in all the classes made fantastic heads and armour for the effigy of Ravana. 

 Baladeva class made the main body as part of their art project.

At 11am, the whole school assembled out on the grass for the burning of Ravana and luckily, the weather was dry! Mother Vasana-harini gave a talk on the importance of the festival and asked everybody to meditate on Lord Rama to remove any inauspiciousness around us while the burning was taking place.

The children were all immersed in kirtan while Ravana was burning to the ground and it certainly was a sight to see.

Thanks to Dantasya, her son who so expertly shot the fire arrow to burn Ravana & her daughter for assisting with the wonderful festival.

Special thanks go out to Mother Vasana-harini for coordinating the event as well as to all the staff for making it a success.

Thanks to Nara Hari prabhu for assembling the huge structure and ensuring that the fire was secure and controlled.

Friday 4th October 2019-
Visit by Jagannath class to the Natural History Museum in London.

In order to enrich the learning of the children in  the year 1 /2 Mother Nayika and Mother Dantasya arranged a visit to the Natural History Museum to coincide with their science topic of Our Bodies  the for The Autumn Term. It was apparent how the trip enhanced the children’s learning when they participated in the related activities

Wednesday 9th October 2019:

As part of our music week Vrindavan and Baladeva classes went on a trip to the Primary Proms which took place at the Royal Albert Hall. This was a free event which was open to all the primary schools in the UK, so we were super lucky to get some tickets!

Pritam in year 6 recounts his experience:

The building was amazing. We were sitting really high up, almost at the top and behind us were some old Victorian gas lights. I could see a glass roof with blinds on and lots and lots of lights.

I loved hearing the music and seeing all the different musical instruments. I saw lots of stringed instruments and there was a children’s choir. I didn’t know all the music but they did play some Disney music that I recognised. It was a really good day!

Monday 14th October 2019

Rama class spend the day at the Bhaktivdeanta Manor with the ISKCON Educational Services Team.

Children were fascinated by the newly born calf and participated in visiting the Goshalla at the Bhaktivedanta Manor.

They listened attentively and were excited to talk about the cows and the new born calf.


Tuesday 15th October 2019
Visit by Vrindavan class to Cassiobury Park as part of their Stone Age topic.

In order to enrich the Stone age topic for The Autumn Term Mother Gunachuda arranged a class trip on 15th October from 12.30 to 2.30pm to Cassiobury Park to do some Forest School activities with one of the educators there based on the Stone age. Despite poor weather the children in year5/6 were able to experience how the stone age people were able to survive during that age. Well Done Vrindavan Class!


Friday 18th October 2019
Govardhan Puja celebrations.

Krishna Priya PGCE Secondary School student from Leicester University worked with us for a week beginning 12th October to gain some experience of an Independent Vaishnava Primary School. 

Mother Jaggadhatri brought over the Manor Pre School children to joined us for Govardhan Puja. The children showed exemplary behaviour and participated well in the activities.

Sandipanimuni Prabhu retold the story of the Govardhan and how Lord Krishna convinced his father not to worship Lord Indra but to worship the auspicious Govardhan Hill. The children were engrossed in the story since he made it interactive and encouraged all the children to participate. Thank you Sandipanimuni Prabhu!

Thanks to all the parents for preparing the preparations to be offered for the Govardhan Puja and diligently completing the allergy form which was arranged and monitored by Nilesh Prabhu. It worked well and the parents ensured that no cherries or nuts were included in the preps.  Also, we were able to monitor exactly what ingredients were added in the preparations.

Thanks to the festival coordinator Mother Vasana-harini and the rest of the staff and parents who enable for it to be such an amazing event.

Mother Gaurangi headed the arrangement for the whole KS1 and KS2 to attend and participate in the 12.00pm Arati at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. The year 5/ 6 lead and sang the arati beautifully as usual and was much appreciated by all who attend the prayers.

Finally the Bake Sale at the end of the day brought


Half Term holiday (Two weeks)

21st October 2019 to 1st November 2019

Children return to School on Monday 4th of November



Head Teacher award was given for the excellent Egyptian project in Baladev Class which includes many other aspects of learning.

Other wonderful models were also created by the children.

This pyramid had an element of surprise when the top half of the pyramid is removed.        


Both of the pyramids had a surprise elements  when they were opened out.





Clubs commencing after half term (4th November)

After School Clubs

Monday Tues Wed Thurs Friday

Radha Kanta 

Yoga Club 

David Wilmott 

Tae kwon do






Sports Club Kirtan

Jaggi Suta


Braja Gopali

Chess Club



Notices and things to remember.

  • Please remember your child’s P.E. kit! Key Stage 1 have sports on Tuesday and Key Stage 2, on Wednesday, unless notified otherwise.
  • Don’t forget to pack a water bottle and healthy snack for your child. It’s a long time from 8.30am until prasadam is served at 1pm!
  • Please endeavour to be punctual both in the mornings and for pick-up in the afternoon.  
  • We would appreciate if all fees, after school club payments and trip monies were paid promptly and especially by the deadlines given.
  • No parents should be driving onto the school premises unless special permission has been given.