Newsletter Nov 2019

Bhaktivedanta Manor School welcome


Hare Krishna,

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our monthly newsletter!

We had 5 new children start at our school this month and they’ve all made friends and are settling in very well:

Amrita in Rama class
Vasudev in Jagannath class
Navaneet in Baladeva class
Mokshitha and Vishvambar in Vrindavan class


November has been a fairly quiet month at the Gurukula with regard to trips but the children have still been very busy with lots of different projects……



Monday 18th November 2019

Mark Stanton-Kelly (Markandeya) who is a top Hollywood stunt person, gurukula graduate and the son of our dear Dantasya visited Vrindavan class as part of their unit on biography writing. The children researched his career and then interviewed him. Markandeya gave an interesting talk on how to become a stunt person and the skills and qualities that are required. He returned the following week to review the biographies the children had written about him and chose the writing of Paramahamsa Hwangbo and Vishvambar Koorich for his professional IMDb page!

Events and activities this month

Friday, 8th November 2019: 

Vrindavan Class went to the IMAX cinema in Watford to watch a 3D film called ‘Under the Oceans’ as part of their topic work.

Raghav in year 6 recounts his experience:

November PSHE in Baladeva class:

In PSHE, Baladeva class read a poem called The Hurt Boy and The Birds by John Agard. The children then wrote poems individually and in groups about a pet or an animal they would talk to about being bullied. Here are 5 great poems for you to enjoy!


The sweet shapeshifter

One day I was hurt and When I was hurt I met a bird and she said, ‘Hey! What the sad face I want you to play.’
She turned into a lion and exclaimed, ‘Hey you’re very nice let me give you this advice. Say goodbye to the cry.’
off she disappeared happily into the night.
Can I….
Fly like the bird and not cry in the sky and soar
Can I be pious like the lion and roar and say bye to the cry

by Kishori, Year 4


Share my feelings with my snake 

Slithery snake, you leave a trial of dust in your wake
but let me talk let me tell a story that I don’t like to see in my memory.
the stony fist attached to the bully’s wrist and his angry face that will never find the treasure of the told pleasure.
but as the first touched my face I thought of my beautiful snake slithering around on the ground
I felt my heart beat and I realised I could not repeat the dreadful memory again 

by Prema, Year 4


The bullied boy and his dog 

The bullied boy talked to his dog
He showed him the love of his little heart
He found it hard to talk to anybody else
The boy also had no friends
He talked about the bully who bruised his leg
And the guy who gossiped about him all the time
It was not easy to say his feelings but he faced it all the way
until he saw his dog so free that taught him the new way

 Aniruddh, Year 4


The sausage dog saves the day

Sausage dogs are funny when it’s sunny
Let the dreams come true.
Her beloved necklace broke by the bully
and shattered on the floor
and pulls her hair.
The superhero sausage dog bites the bully, hooray! 

Nadia, Year 3


The cat of love

There was a cat of love,
who listened from the tree tops above,
she listened to the words,
and told it to the birds,
it usually was the worst,
but she did not burst,
the cat of love,
showed her love,
from above,
to the girl.

By Anjali, Year 4


Vrindavan class – special workshops in November 

Year  5 and 6 have been taking part in animation workshops with Kavi Karnapura das who is a brahmacari from Soho Temple. They are learning how to produce stop frame animation and how to use green screen techniques to produce a short film of the Ramayana. You’ll be able to see the finished product at their assembly next year!


Remembrance Week 

The whole school got involved with lots of different activities during Remembrance week and Jagannath class have a beautiful display in their classroom of the pieces they wrote.

Here is the work of Narayani in year 2:

Special topic on Service to the Guru

Rama class have been learning about service to the Guru in class and have a terrific display of the pictures they’ve drawn on their window. Their pictures even got shown to Mother Mani Manjari’s Guru who was really impressed with what they’d done!

Tuesday 12th November 2019 – Baladeva class 3D Egypt Model Exhibition

Baladeva class hosted their first ever exhibition to show off their 3D Egyptian models!

The parents and children of the school were invited into the classroom to see their hard work and Mother Vasana-harini said after, “I was super proud of each child how they confidently explained how they worked on their models”. Let’s hope this exhibition is the first of many more to follow!

Finally………..A big thank you to all those who participated in the GREAT GURUKULA BAKE OFF! Winners & funds raised to be announced imminently.

December news to follow next Month in our January Newsletter but for now, wishing you all a very happy and restful Christmas break plus an awesome Krishna Conscious New Year!!!