Important Gurukula online meeting – 21st to 23rd September **With links to meeting**

Hare Krishna Dear Parents,

It is so lovely to see the kids back at Gurukula. They have settled in wonderfully and that is a credit to all of you. And amazingly we are doing great with punctuality!!! So a massive pat on the back there.

As we get into the new school year we wanted to give you an update of how the Gurukula is getting on, to talk to you about some of the decisions that were made over the summer and the plans that we have going forward.

So we’ll be having three online sessions, similar to how we did at the end of term last year. There is a session for each year group and if the majority of us can attend or designated year group meeting that will be best. If however you can’t make your session feel free to join any of the other ones. I encourage all parents to join these sessions. It is a perfect time to get the latest news and to ask questions or give comments.

Monday 21st September 6.30pm Year 1 and 2

Tuesday 22nd September 6.30pm Year 3 and 4

Wednesday 23rd September 6.30pm Year 5 and 6