Absence Letters

Dear parent,

I hope you and your family are well and that we might see you at some of our three events this week in gurukula: gardening afternoon (today), Radhastami programme and the 6 hour kirtan on 30th.

I had emailed the attendance policy to you all a few weeks ago and explained that for this year we would no longer have the procedure where parents can apply at least month in advance for 10 extra days leave to go on pilgrimage.

The gurukula had not received any applications for leave for this new academic year before we closed in the summer so ,following our policy and government guidelines, any absence for holiday from the 2nd September will be marked an unauthorised absence.

Every school is required, as part of safeguarding, to have a Children Missing Education procedure. As with all schools in England, this states that if a child misses 10 days at school without an explanation or notification to the school they will be considered missing and it is a legal duty for the school to inform the Local Authority.

We expect all families to send their children back to gurukula on 2nd September, however if you know you will not be here then please send an email to either myself or Tulsi Seva mataji (via the admin email ) before 28th August explaining why your child will be absent and when you expect them to return.

This is an important part of  our safeguarding procedure and does get checked.

We are aiming to have overall attendance of 97% this year and request everyone’s cooperation to ensure this happens especially as children have been out of school for a prolonged period during the lockdown.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours in  the service of Srila Prabhupada,

Gunacuda Dasi