Parents Information

School Day

  • School starts at 9.00 a.m. and ends at 3.15 p.m. on all days.
  • Academic sessions begin shortly after registration.
  • There is a mid-morning break at 10.50 a.m. for refreshments.
  • Lunch is served at 1.00 pm and the children have the opportunity to play outside in the play area during this time.
  • The afternoon session begins at 2.00 p.m.
  • School ends at 3.15 p.m.


All children are required to be in uniform. The children are expected to wear their uniform with pride and be neatly dressed at all times. It sets a good tone and standard and helps to identify the school. All items other than skirts and trousers will have the school logo embroidered on them.

We appreciate the support of all parents in ensuring that children maintain a high standard of hygiene, cleanliness and appearance at all times. Boys should wear their hair short and neatly trimmed. Sikhas, if worn must be tied up. Girls need to keep their hair tied back and plaited if possible. They can use simple slides or ribbons in either navy blue , black or dark brown. Fancy hair accessories, make-up or nail polish are definitely not allowed at school. Earrings should be simple studs. Tulasi beads can be work but then need to be worn very close to the body so that they don’t get caught on anything.

The children are encouraged to wear tilak.

All items of uniform should be clearly marked and nametags should be firmly attached. This prevents mix-up and enables us to better trace lost items.

Jumpers, coats and fleeces should have strong loops so they can be hung up.

Children from year 3 on wards are allowed to wear watches. However the child should be responsible enough to look after his/her belongings.

You can order online from Tesco: https://www.tesco.com/direct/bhaktivedanta-manor-school/6380.school


Navy Skirt / Trousers/Pinafore
White Polo Shirt with logo
White or navy socks
School shoes black or navy with Velcro if possible
Slippers allowed in class


Blue Gingham Dress/Gopi skirts in blue and white print


Royal Blue Sweatshirt or Fleece with school logo
White socks
Trainers or plimsoles
White t-shirt with school logo


Navy Trousers/shorts/ Dhoti
White Polo Shirt with logo/or plain white polo under school jumper
White or navy socks
School shoes as for girls


Navy Blue shorts or trousers


Royal Blue Sweatshirt or Fleece with school logo
White socks
Trainers or plimsoles
White t-shirt with school logo

School Calendar

Autumn Term 2019

13th October – Govardhan Hill Festival (children’s)

16th-27th October – Half Term Break (Back to school on 30th October)

2nd November – Celebration assembly – Gaura Nitai Class – (Theatre room 2-3pm)

9th November – School Photos (individual)

6th – 10th November – Remembrance week

13th – 17th November – Parent/Teacher consultations

20th – 24th November – Democracy week / Election of school council

24th November – KS2 outing to Houses of Parliament

1st December – Year 2 class trip to Kidzania

7th December – Celebration assembly – Jagannath Class (Theatre room 2-3pm)

8th December – Presentation assemblies for Parents

11th – 12th December – Sankirtan KS2 (to be confirmed)


As a parent or carer of a child at Bhaktivedanta Manor School, you are automatically a member of the PTA. There are many ways in which you can help out with our existing fundraising initiatives, and we always welcome new ideas and suggestions, and indeed ways to improve. From volunteering your time to baking all of the delicious cakes and bakes at our twice-yearly famous bake sales – every single contribution makes a difference, and enables the school to purchase extra equipment and resources that benefit the entire school community.


At the Bhaktivedanta Manor School, we pride ourselves on having a good relationship with parents and clear and regular communication is the key to this. We believe that children do their best in an environment that is happy, stimulating and challenging. Your child’s class teacher is the key person in creating that environment. But, all staff will play their part in establishing a dynamic learning environment. We will use displays of the children’s work to brighten our school, celebrate achievement and to stimulate interest in inquiry.

Your child’s class teacher(s) will teach your child most of the time however, to maximise the experience and expertise of teachers, some afternoons other members of staff may teach art, drama, history or creative and devotional aspects of the curriculum.

Most teachers meet parents informally at the beginning of the term. Parents are also welcome to share any concerns or worries that may arise during the course of the term. However, as school hours tend to be busy due to the demands of the school day, it is best to request an appointment with your child’s teacher for any discussion that may take more than a few minutes. Do not allow concerns to fester. We appreciate open communication and will do our utmost to sort things out quickly and happily. (Please see separate complaints procedure). We also have a Parent Liaison meeting once a term whereby parents can submit concerns to be discussed with other parents and staff.

Formal Parent/Teacher Consultation evenings are held twice a year, once in the autumn term and once at the end of the spring term. This gives the parents and the teacher the opportunity to discuss the child’s progress privately. It is important that you attend these consultations and we do our best to arrange times to suit your convenience.

There is one Progress Report at the end of every year, which keeps you informed of your child’s performance in each of the main curriculum areas. One of these is a short report at the end of the autumn term that indicates the targets set for your child for the following term and the other is a full report at the end of the school year.

Open Day is held in the autumn and Spring Term. Children are invited to bring their parents and friends and show them around the classrooms. This gives you a chance to see the work done by your child in school.

The main form of communication used to contact parents/guardian is via email and letter. Please ensure that we have your up to date email. From time to time it may be necessary for the teachers to use text messaging as a means to contact parents quickly. Parents may also use the email service to contact the school office. For matters of a more serious nature, a face to face meeting is more appropriate. There is a Termly Newsletter giving updates on the latest news and happenings in the school, any new policies, achievements, outings, areas of concern etc. as well as regular updates on the school website http://school.bhaktivedantamanor.co.uk Emails are sent regularly to parents with current information.

The head teacher is available in the school office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 9am and 4 pm. If there is something you are concerned about please follow the guidelines of the Complaints procedure at the end of this pack.

Emergency Closures
We will notify parents in advance of any emergency closures that are foreseen, for example emergency building work. In the case of other emergencies, such as severe weather, we will keep children under supervision on the school premises until you are able to collect them or until it is the end of the school day and it is safe for them to return home. We follow the lead of the other local Hertfordshire schools in terms of closures for severe weather. Our website will be updated with the latest information, and we may also use other means to contact you ie text messaging/Whatsapp/phone calls. Please ensure the school office has your most up-to-date contact details.