Our Ethos

At the Bhaktivedanta Manor Primary School we recognise and respect every child as an individual. The teachers work with the children to explore and exploit their individual talents. With a student teacher ratio of 10:1 we are able to give the children the attention that they deserve. We believe that an effective working relationship between all those involved in the child’s education will ensure a happy, stimulated and confident child. Parents are also encouraged to take an active part in their children’s education both through formal consultations as well as informal interactions.

What Makes Us Different

As parents you would want the best education for your child and at the Bhaktivedanta Manor School we are committed to providing it. We give the children an execellent academic foundation which is supported by a well balanced curriculum and sound teaching methods. We however never lose sight of the fact that learning must be stimulating and exciting. Our warm and enthusiatic teachers work to foster a love of learning in the children. We are also very conscious of the fact that academic attainment is only one part of a child’s development. In line with our vaisnava beliefs we strive to inspire our pupils to become spiritually and morally strong individuals. The caring atmosphere in the school helps build the child’s self-esteem and our children leave our care as confident and positive individuals.